You've listened to, read and watched stories since you were a child. Everybody loves a good story! At Long Island Video Productions we create a host of styles of videos and films to give you the very best storytelling.

High-End Corporate Media

Whether you're new or seasoned creating corporate videos, we work closely with you through a unique, collaborative process from start to finish. We offer all the services you’ll need to deliver your message in a highly creative and engaging way on time and on budget. We won’t just hand you a finished video and wish you luck. We give you the strategies and best practices to utilize your new video(s) to put you at advantage over your competition and grow your business.



From the battle fields of the Civil War to very personal stories, we produce visually and emotionally compelling documentary films. Our process begins with a thorough understanding of the story with our expert researchers asking questions and digging deep. We conduct on-camera interviews where possible, obtain photos, documents, images, and other elements to visually tell the story. We combine these elements with music scores, sound effects and more to create an emotionally compelling and engaging story.

Our Process

We take a unique, collaborative, development approach to your project, getting to the heart of the story. We ask questions. We listen to understand. We dig deep and discover all we can to have the foundation of a highly engaging emotionally driven piece that gets results.

Our step by step process helps ensure great visual storytelling while staying on schedule and budget.

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