Roots Television

The Client

Annie Moore from Ireland, the first immigrant to step foot on American soil at Ellis Island, lived in New York City. The records of the remainder of her life mysteriously vanished. Her death and burial place became a point of mystery, uncertainty and lengthy discussion amongst historians. After years of research, Executive Producer and world renowned genealogist Megan Smolenyak discovered Annie’s burial place in an unmarked grave, in her own backyard, in Queens, New York. Roots Television called on us to cover the special memorial event.

The Results

This was the first of many films we’ve worked on with Megan Smolenyak and Roots Television, sometimes at short notice with worldwide travel.

"Working with [them] is a pleasure because their super-responsive, provide a full range of production services, and intuitively grasps what I’m after. I share my vision and they makes it happen, no matter how complicated the scenario. They makes the whole process so easy that I seek out opportunities to work with them.
~Megan Smolenyak, Executive Producer, Roots Television~

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